Robust mining rig frames for sale

Once you’ve decided to unplug from the unbearable home-office routine and become an independent crypto miner, factor in all the details before assembling your mining rig. If you already have decent hardware, your next step is to choose the right crypto mining frame.

Many newcomers to crypto mining mistakenly think their old bookshelves are good enough for their GPUs. But let’s face it: bookshelves have nothing to do with sturdy crypto mining rig frames.

At Khane BTC Mining Store, we focus on educating, consulting, and providing miners with the best equipment. As part of our mission, we offer a variety of cheap mining rig frames for home or crypto pool uses.

These frames are made of lightweight components and allow for seamless assembly with essential tools and parts, including risers, adapters, and screws. On top of that, they are 100% tested and can be delivered anywhere on the globe within a couple of days.

What to factor in before you buy a mining rig frame?

Before investing in a cabinet to arrange your rigs, you should mind capacity, unhindered airflow, and construction reliability. Top-of-the-line crypto mining frames are great for all that in the real-life mining environment.

To make sure the performance of your rigs is flawless over the long term, get a frame that is:

  • Fully stackable. A frame that allows you to stack up to 12 GPUs is a massive one. But it also means more output power for your mining efforts.
  • Made of aluminum. Aluminum proves to be the best option for keeping your rigs cool. A mining rig frame made of this metal will serve as additional protection from overheating.
  • Open-air. Exceptional open-air designs provide sufficient ventilation, which reduces the risk of overheating to zero.
  • Easy to install. Our frames come with everything you need for hassle-free assembly at home.
  • Cost-effective. We provide hot discounts on both retail and bulk orders, as well as free shipping on purchases above $500.

The icing on the cake is that our support team is made up of avid crypto enthusiasts who can resolve any issue for you. Contact us whether you need advice on a specific mining rig frame or have trouble figuring out the best size for your ASICs.

The best mining rig frames to buy today for retail and wholesale

Our expertise and exceptional mining equipment quality allow us to significantly reduce prices for our bulk customers. The more frames you buy, the more you earn in the long run.

Our retail customers can also benefit from our discounts, 30-day warranty, fast shipping, and assistance before, during, and after purchasing. Order a crypto mining rig frame for your hardware today and set it up to mine!

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