Ramp up your mining output with a GPU mining box

If you’re all set to join the mining industry, the right hardware is the first thing to look at. Why not start with minimal investments into a GPU mining box? When buying one, you get the opportunity to gradually upgrade its performance by adding GPUs according to your capabilities and mining needs.

Khane BTC Mining Store carries GPU-laden mining boxes that are compatible with as many as 12 algorithms, letting you mine more than 40 cryptocurrencies. Whether you decide to dig up Ethereum, Expanse, Zcash, or any other currency, you’ll be satisfied with the results. 

We can deliver high-performance kits for custom setups, depending on your mining needs. When buying a GPU mining box, you save time and can start mining before others even get to launch their first setup.

GPU box kits are available for any budget. They all come fan-cooled, from 3 to 6 fans per setup. You can install up to 8 GPUs of different sizes in purpose-built GPU mining rig frames. These boxes also come with pre-integrated CPUs and plenty of RAM on board. Their power supply units are optimized for cost-efficient mining and are compatible with 110V/220V power grids.

Each GPU box you get from us is covered by a 30-day warranty. Mine big and with confidence!

Buy a GPU mining box: Portable mining with free shipping

When you’re up to get a cryptomining setup, you can opt for ready-to-go units or choose by components to build a custom rig. If you go for the latter, you’ll be either wandering around for hardware or saving yourself the trouble with these GPU mining cases. At Khane BTC Mining Store, we help you jump on the mining bandwagon right off the bat while enjoying hardware portability and efficiency.

These GPU mining boxes for sale are the top-performance choice for you if you seek reliable, rigidly tested setups for 8 GPUs. The best thing about these rigs is that you can move them anywhere you want to. Think of this investment as your mobile crypto pool that you can control anywhere and anytime.

We can ship any GPU mining rig frame of your choice for free within 1-3 days. It takes up to 20 days to deliver your mining box, depending on your location. We only use trusted and reliable shipping companies to ensure your setup makes it to you intact. 

Contact us to order or get more details about these mining boxes. At Khane BTC Mining Store, we’re always ready to support your cryptomining endeavor with advice and high-performance solutions. We excel in cryptocurrency mining setups and can share anything you would like to know about mining with a GPU box.

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