Miner Power Supply 1600W 110V-220V


Miner Power Supply 1600W 110V-220V


1600W  Power supply is specifically designed for crypto mining, the revolutionary digital crypto-currency that may be used anywhere in the world. This power supply provides advanced system stability while mining. BUY Miner Power Supply 1600W 110V-220V.

Miner Power Supply 1600W 110V-220V
BUY Miner Power Supply 1600W 110V-220V

Digger power supply 1600w non-particular

Digger power supply 1600w 90+ GOLD
Recurrence: 47/63 Hz
INPUT: 100-240V AC
Yield: 1600W (MAX) 12V


6 X DUAL 6 + 2 pin PCI-E connectors ( TOTAL 12 X 6+2PIN )
1 x 24-Pin ATX
1 x 4 + 4-Pin EPS12V ( CPU )
6 x SATA ( 3 Separate links of 2 sata)
1 x Molex


Transported inside 1 – 3 days
Safe expert bundling
30 days Warranty
Overall Delivery ( UPS – DHL )

Our discount administration permits our clients to profit from backward costs on huge buy volumes. These backward costs are additionally accessible for facilitating demands on countless diggers. Furthermore, our counseling and review branch can be counseled to assist you with building your ranch and answer every one of your inquiries regarding the electrical expense, cooling of the diggers and their determination. BUY Miner Power Supply 1600W 110V-220V.

What number of watts does a mining fix use?
For what reason is crypto mining so energy-serious? First off, illustrations cards on mining rigs work 24 hours per day. That takes up much more power than perusing the web. What could be compared to having a medium-size window AC unit turned on. BUY Miner Power Supply 1600W 110V-220V.

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BUY Miner Power Supply 1600W 110V-220V

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Miner Power Supply 1600W 110V-220V

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BUY Miner Power Supply 1600W 110V-220V

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BUY Miner Power Supply 1600W 110V-220V. We offer you many services and the best quality of products which can surely enhance your experience. this product is considered to be one of the world’s best quality manufactured as it had been tested many times. We service our product at a regular interval and replace any defective part also. It runs on a 240V ac source of power supply and weighs 9.8kg. The availability of this product is although worldwide but then also you will not have to compromises with the service quality.


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